The cone meter is a simple and robust generic differential pressure (DP) meter. It has been shown to be remarkably resistant to the effects of both asymmetric and swirling flow. The cone meter is often the meter of choice when there is limited straight pipe length available for a flow meter. Therefore, cone DP meters are becoming increasingly popular gas flow meters.

This article considers the bypass method for capacity control in reciprocating compressors. The method is the oldest in controlling outlet capacity, which is used in all types of compressors for turndown capacity between 100% and zero.

The National Association of Pipe Coating Applicators (NAPCA) heard good news about the volume of 2012 pipeline work expected in North America and elsewhere during the association’s 48th annual meeting in April in Tucson, AZ.

There are over 2 million km of oil and gas production pipelines worldwide and ensuring the effective and efficient flow of products through these pipelines makes a huge difference in revenues generated.

For pipeline owners and operators, efforts to mitigate or control internal corrosion generally fall into one or more of a handful of strategies. Moisture content control seeks to limit the amount of moisture (as measured in grains of water per million cubic feet of product, or by dew point) to eliminate the electrolyte for corrosion cells to develop.

When we think of preventing third-party damage we immediately think of calling 811, digging safely, locating accurately and keeping accurate up-to-date records and maps. While all of these are very important, preventing third-party damage must begin from the time we install our utilities in the ground.

The quality and composition of fuel burned in a gas turbine impacts the life of the turbine, particularly its combustion system and turbine section. The fuel specified for a given application is usually based on availability and price. Natural gas is a typical fuel of choice for gas turbines due to its low cost, widespread availability, and low resulting emissions. Lately, compression requirements in shale gas fields have drawn attention to the capability of gas turbines to burn fuels with higher than normal levels of heavier hydrocarbons.

No economic development plan is ever complete without its economic impact study. This is then a statistical presentation outlining the benefits of a stadium or an event to the local economy. No group has been more aggressive or effective in generating these models than the public stadium and arena development industry.

After a handful of years when unemployment prevented acceptance of new members, the Local 825 branch of the International Union of Operating Engineers has returned to a tradition of member training it has been practicing since the early ’60s - to an enthusiastic response.

The INGAA Foundation held its 2012 Spring Meeting in San Antonio, TX April 11-13, with the largest attendance yet on record for the event at 273 attendees. The meeting featured updates on regulatory and safety matters, a keynote speech from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the annual Planning and Studies meeting, which allows members to vote on which proposals should be considered for the foundation’s agenda in the next year.

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