Pressure drop occurring in the cylinder gas passages, piping, vessels and coolers, as well as pulsation control devices, can cause extra power to be consumed. In a worst case scenario the additional power may overload the driver requiring a reduction in the compressor load step to reduce the flow being delivered by the compressor. This increase in power or reduction in flow come with a considerable cost or lost revenue opportunity. Therefore, accurate calculation of the pressure and power loss is required to properly size the compressor and driver.

In the fracking era, natural gas is playing an increasingly important role in domestic energy markets. The continuing surge in natural gas production from the boon of shale reserves will come hand-in-hand with a greater investment in gas logistics, including distribution networks, process efficiency and environmental regulation. One of the most important current areas of improvement is the odorization of natural gas, a critical safety measure, which allows humans to detect gas leaks by smell.

Mark Schach, assistant division sales manager for AMERICAN Steel Pipe, a division of AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company, headquartered in Birmingham, AL, recently talked with P&GJ about the $55 million expansion the company is undertaking on its steel pipe operations.

A training event put the focus on practical considerations of pipeline integrity in field conditions, offering detailed information on new construction issues, a regulator’s take on a spate of hydrotest failures, rehabilitation and replacement efforts on a 265-mile problem crude line, assessment of the sources of corrosion and remediation of cathodic protection over a 3,000-mile gas transmission system spread over three states.

With about 1,700 miles of its12,000 miles of natural gas distribution and service lines made of cast iron, wrought iron, ductile iron and bare steel, PECO has undertaken an aggressive $34 million a year replacement program.

This article looks at the various ways of writing specification documents for compressors and turbines and compares the effect of three distinct approaches on the process of equipment definition.

Which of the following statements best reflects the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) view of spectrum requirements in the energy industry?

U.S. market demand for high quality oil country tubular goods (OCTG) and steel line pipe products is growing due to the development of shale oil and gas reserves. The shale play has also given life to new pipe mills focused on reducing lead times and serving U.S. customers with a full range of locally manufactured seamless, welded and premium products, in a market where imported products account for more than 50% of total consumption.

It’s been a long road to the top for Northern Natural Gas, which sits at the apex of the latest Mastio survey of top customer value rankings in both the overall legacy category, and among top mega and major pipelines.

In fact, as recently as 2003, Northern ranked dead last in the rankings.

Our world is rapidly changing at an unprecedented pace, and the 21st century poses many challenges – food, water, education, poverty and war to name but a few. Faced with all of these, it is important that we not overlook the fact that one key challenge – meeting the global demand for energy sustainability – will be fundamental to meeting all other challenges.

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