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Pipeline & Gas Journal’s 34th Annual 500 Report provides the industry’s most inclusive statistical review of U.S. energy pipeline systems. Once again, the report ranks the nation’s top gas distribution, liquids and gas transmission systems. The gas distribution rankings are based on number of customers, while transmission companies are ranked by mileage. Each liquids pipeline company ranking is based on yearly crude deliveries.

The digital edition of Pipeline & Gas Journal, November 2014, Vol. 241, No. 11.

Fact No. 1: China has cornered the market on solar power panels.

Fact No. 2: Indonesia has cornered the market on wind turbine parts.

Fact No. 3: Natural gas, and to a growing extent crude oil, are American-made products.

Fact No. 4: Natural gas and crude oil are fueling an industrial renaissance in the United States.

I can keep on going but unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere you know by now that the U.S. is undergoing a major transformation of its industrial and manufacturing base thanks to abundant, cheap and most importantly, reliable supplies of natural gas and crude oil. There remain several important issues still to be resolved such as LNG and crude oil exports, fracking disclosures, emissions controls and improved safety standards for transporters.

Advertisers from the print edition of Pipeline & Gas Journal, November 2014, Vol. 241, No. 11.

May Va Lor is soft spoken and petite, but she can summon a lot of muscle when needed. Va Lor, a labor energy research expert, can turn on the same strength that has built the Alaskan oil and Rockies Express natural gas pipelines. She is equally adept at exercising that strength in the public policy corridors in Congress and state or local government chambers across North America. She is an excellent storyteller, it turns out.

Natural gas consumption growth was down in 2013 everywhere but in North America, reflecting the major differential between North American natural gas prices and those in the rest of the world. Although the global economy remained lackluster, there was overall growth in energy consumption worldwide, with higher than average consumption growth in OECD countries and lagging averages in the developing world.

Access Midstream has identified a need for a broad-spectrum risk model for its pipeline assets. This business need extends beyond the requirements mandated by the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) and state regulatory agencies.

In some ways UGI Utilities is fortunate to be so far ahead of the game when it comes to infrastructure replacement. The natural gas distributor, which serves 600,000 customers in 45 eastern and central Pennsylvania counties and one county in Maryland, has about 86% of its 12,000 miles of pipeline already constructed of contemporary materials.

Discoveries of large domestic reserves of oil and gas are leading to our energy independence in North America. In order to attain this independence, the need for an efficient, modern, safe and expanded pipeline system becomes ever more evident. But the pace at which the infrastructure technically matures depends upon two key complications being resolved. The first is a matter of funding for the investment, which is an industry-wide challenge, and the second is having a plan or roadmap - that is an enterprise-by-enterprise activity.

Tallgrass Energy Partners, LP reports that the Tallgrass Pony Express Pipeline, LLC crude oil pipeline project is complete and in commercial service.