WilPro Energy Services (El Furrial) Limited and WilPro Energy Services (PIGAP II) Limited, the joint ventures owned by subsidiaries of Williams and Exterran Holdings, Inc., have completed the sale of the El Furrial and PIGAP II assets to PDVSA Gas, S.A. in connection with the 2009 nationalization of those assets.

We headed west on Interstate 10 to San Antonio for the midyear INGAA Foundation conference last month and couldn’t help being impressed by the constant parade of 18-wheelers carrying line pipe, drill pipe and so many other products to the booming Eagle Ford Shale. Matter of fact, we heard there’s nary a hotel room to be found west of San Antonio.

The Obama administration took its first two regulatory steps, one final, one tentative, toward guarding against air and ground water pollution from fracking. The final rule on air emissions from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and proposed rule from the Department of Interior (DOI) covered different regulatory terrain.

One of the most nagging offshoots of the San Bruno, CA, natural gas transmission pipeline tragedy was that in the immediate aftermath and the hot glow of federal, state and utility investigations, the operator, San Francisco-based Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E), had no credible information on the section of pipe that failed. Worse yet, this turned out to be not just an isolated case.

There are few executives around today better able to discuss the evolution of the natural gas industry on this planet than J. Mike Stice, CEO of Chesapeake Midstream Partners, President of Chesapeake Midstream Development and Senior Vice President of Natural Gas Projects for Chesapeake Energy Corp.

In an era of increasing environmental regulations, CPS Energy is one of the first utilities in the nation to make a proactive transition from older coal-fired power to a much cleaner natural gas-fired power.

In the winter of 2012 a mostly snowless and relatively warm Bakken Shale play in northwest North Dakota was trucking about 70% of its oil supplies in the gathering and processing phase as production continued at an all-time record clip averaging 546,000 bpd in January. New midstream infrastructure construction was limited to intrastate shipments within an under-developed gathering and processing system.

On its long journey from extraction to the consumer, natural gas has to be compressed repeatedly to maintain the required discharge pressure in the pipelines. Russia's leading supplier of automation equipment for the gas turbine compressors used for this purpose places its trust in the proven "made in Germany" control technology. This ensures reliable long-term operation as well as maximum supply quality and reliability during natural gas transport.

TDW Offshore Services AS (TDW) designed and built a customized 48-inch SmartPlug® pipeline pressure isolation tool for Nord Stream AG. Weighing 12 tons, the company says it is the largest SmartPlug tool ever produced.

The Pipeline Hazardous Materials and Safety Administration (PHMSA) took the next step in its, so far, six-year effort to step in when states fail to punish excavators who damage pipelines.

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