Recent reports on the state of crude oil and natural gas production in Canada suggest that the transportation bottleneck at the border will have long-ranging effects on Canada’s energy markets.

Audubon Engineering was chosen to create the front-end engineering and design for Noble Energy’s new $45 million LNG facility, Colorado's first dedicated LNG plant.

Meritage Midstream Services II LLC has acquired 100% ownership of Thunder Creek Gas Services LLC from Devon Energy Corp. and PVR Partners LP.

Recently formed Pipeline Drying International, LLC, of Houston provides air drying of pipelines, stations, LNG tanks or any vessel with its patent-pending Mobile Drying Unit (MDU8000), which produces up to 4,500 cubic feet/minute (cfm) of oil free negative dew point air. This while consuming less than 22 gallons per hour in fuel.

Tengasco Inc. closed on the sale of its Swan Creek field in Hancock County, TN along with its other Tennessee oil and natural gas leases for $1.5 million to Swan Creek Partners LLC and its affiliate General Gas Pipeline LLC.

ROSEN, which began as an engineering company for oil and gas industry inspection, is today a worldwide provider of cutting-edge solutions in all areas of the integrity process chain.

CenterPoint Energy and OGE Energy Corp. have named the senior operations leadership team for the natural gas midstream partnership that will consist of the former’s interstate pipelines and field services businesses and the latter’s midstream business, Enogex LLC.

With energy independence, energy exporting through LNG, billions of dollars in economic benefit, and more than 4 million jobs hinged to the development and deployment of the shale play natural gas reserves, one would think a national plan would materialize to capitalize quickly on the pending benefits.

A $5 billion pipeline vital to Premier Christy Clark's plan to revitalize British Columbia's economy through LNG development is facing a tough environmental battle on the north coast. "They can't be allowed to follow that route," grizzly bear biologist Wayne McCrory said last month of the pipeline corridor proposed for the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project.

In a bid to fulfill a campaign promise, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has proposed a change to the constitution to allow private companies to share in the development, transportation and refining of Mexico’s vast energy resources, which are reserved exclusively to Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX). The changes would revert the constitution to its 1940 position, maintaining national ownership of all hydrocarbons but overturning 1950s-era changes that prevent any private interest participating in the energy industry.

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