ValvTechnologies, Inc.
ValvTechnologies, Inc. has added bidirectional flow capabilities to its existing V1 valve product line, releasing a backpressure-resistant, metal-seated ball valve.

Installation in hours, lasts for decades.

A Sensor Array developed in conjunction with a major pipeline company provides confirming corrosion control data in difficult to access locations.

Dow Oil, Gas & Mining and Pipeline Induction Heat Ltd (PIH) (part of the CRC Evans group of companies) report a simple and robust field joint coating process for DOW NEPTUNE™ F Advanced Subsea Flow Assurance Insulation.

The Limeco “EZ” is designed to tightly control the set point of a nitrogen loaded surge relief valve.

Flexovit's NEW Black Gold program has been engineered to offer superior benefits, performance AND cost reduction.

Consolidate your real-time and historical data collection into one application, KEPServerEX. KEPServerEX enables improved operations and decision making by providing real-time data to SCADA systems, as well as EFM output to validation and accounting systems.

OptoAcoustic gas detection determines gas content via the measurement of acoustic pressure waves that are propagated as a gas is irradiated under an appropriately tuned light.

A gaseous mixture sample passes through a membrane into a measurement cell which contains an optical light source and a microphone. Incident light modulated at a specific frequency is briefly absorbed as intermolecular energy by the gas molecules and then released as translational energy, creating periodic temperature and pressure changes that generate measurable acoustic pulses.

New products and services for the pipeline industry, from Structural Integrity, Step-Ko, Trenchers and Equipment, ESAB, Master Bond and more.

Kepware has developed a new communications interface allowing you to monitor and manage measurements in real-time from your down hole drilling process.

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