June 2024, Vol. 251, No. 6


Editor's Notebook

Editor’s Notebook: Permian’s New Kid on the Block?

As the 580-mile Matterhorn Express prepares to go into service next quarter, a new long-haul gas pipeline is looking to step forward as the next major Gulf Coast midstream project.


Pipeline Customers Push for Lower Prices Amid Regulatory Challenges

Pipeline customers have stimulated a two-pronged political attack on interstate pipeline pricing directed at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and Congress.


Gulf Coast CCUS Draws New Entrants as Projects Advance

The carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) industry on the U.S. Gulf Coast is evolving as projects slowly progress and new players move in. Their entry could help spur development of the industry, which is already advanced on the Gulf Coast, compared with most other parts of the world, except for the North Sea.

Uganda Optimistic About Timely Finish of Revised $5 Billion, 897-Mile EACOP Pipeline

Uganda has attributed the spike in the cost of construction for the 897-mile (1,443-km) East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) to the government’s resolve to make the new project more climate responsive.

Pipeline Integrity: Improving Data to Identify Selective Seam Weld Corrosion

Learn about the importance of detecting and managing Selective Seam Weld Corrosion (SSWC) in pipelines. Discover how advanced technologies like SpirALL MFL are helping ensure pipeline safety and integrity.

Leak Detection: Navigating Industry Evolution Through Adaptive Technology

To maintain innovation and growth while avoiding potential disruption, the governing bodies responsible for regulation and processes within the pipeline industry are expected to anticipate change and implement the appropriate solutions.

Mega-Deals Reshaping How Midstream Business Is Done

Explore how mega-deals are reshaping the midstream oil and gas industry, providing growth and stability amid regulatory challenges and limited organic expansion opportunities.

Geospatial Analytics: Predictions, Trends, and A.I. Applications for Pipeline Management

Geospatial analytics is revolutionizing pipeline management for oil and gas companies, enabling efficient monitoring of vast infrastructure. Utilizing A.I.-powered technologies, this approach detects potential leaks, encroachments, and chemical traces, ensuring early detection and minimizing environmental impact.

Ensuring Hydrogen-Blend Pipeline Integrity: The Role of In-Line Inspection

As the world aims to reduce carbon emissions, hydrogen is emerging as a key energy source. Discover the role of in-line inspection (ILI) in ensuring pipeline integrity for hydrogen transport, addressing unique challenges and solutions for adapting existing infrastructure for hydrogen-blend and pure hydrogen transport.

Hydrogen-Blend Pipelines: Repurposing Requires Effective Data-Gathering Methods

National Gas Transmission's Project Union aims to repurpose 1,243 miles of UK gas pipelines for hydrogen transport by the early 2030s, using advanced GIS and automated data extraction for effective integrity management.

Pipeline Efficiency: Enhancing Bearings with Surface Preparation and Coatings

Surface preparation and coatings enhance the performance and lifespan of industrial bearings in pipelines. Techniques like shot blasting and advanced coatings provide superior wear and corrosion protection, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Explore methods to boost pipeline efficiency.

Global News

Global News June 2024

Latest industry developments from around the world!


Projects June 2024

FERC reapproves GTN pipeline expansion; DeLa Express seeks FERC approval; Williams cancels New Jersey pipeline project; Venice extension project gets approval; Biden administration requests Enbridge review; Black Bear's Ozark project operational.

Tech Notes

Technote: Enhancing Pipeline Safety Through Automation

Discover the pivotal role of automation in modern pipeline operations, addressing safety challenges while optimizing efficiency and regulatory compliance. Gain insights into the evolving dynamics of the industry and future technological trends.

STATS Group Expands Footprint with Key Projects Across Australia and Asia Pacific

Explore STATS Group's recent milestones in Australia and Asia Pacific, from groundbreaking pipeline projects to strategic expansions, positioning the company at the forefront of energy transition efforts.

What's New

What's New June 2024

Oxford Flow, Sensirion, NDT Global, Antaira, and more!



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