Open Secure Remote Operations and Custody Transfer
26 May 2021

Sponsor: Bedrock Automation

The Covid pandemic interrupted delivery of many of the benefits that IIoT and digitalization promised for midstream and upstream oil and gas. Now as many are getting back to work, they are finding that the efficiency, flexibility and security for which they had been planning is more important than ever — for both recovery and profitable operation. This webinar presents an architecture that will help make sense of digitalization, illustrated by examples of how it can be applied for both remote operations management and custody transfer.


  • Learn why midstream and upstream automation must be both open and secure
  • Learn how open secure remote monitoring can improve upstream operating efficiency by more than 50 percent
  • Learn how open secure flow computing can reduce custody transfer lifecycle costs and protect revenue
  • Learn how to leverage zero-trust public networks for near zero-cost access to automation for operation and maintenance purposes


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Real Stories to help you prepare for API Pipeline SMS Third-Party Assessment Program
12 May 2021

Sponsor: Avetta

As part of the industry's ongoing commitment to continuous pipeline safety improvement, API developed a not-for-profit Pipeline SMS Assessment Program in collaboration with industry partners. During this live webinar, API will discuss their Pipeline SMS Third-Party Assessment Program, the assessment program's uniqueness by utilizing a diverse set of assessors with multiple affiliations and discuss 2021 and beyond.  

Additionally, Southwest Gas Corporation will share how they have successfully broken barriers by implementing a Champions network at both an executive and cross-functional employee level to drive continual improvement and contractors' engagement through workshops and summit meetings to encourage PSMS adoption performance of their PSMS gap analysis. Southwest Gas will also discuss how they incorporated system improvement enhancements through a corrective action program and a virtual peer review (assessment) of a select PSMS essential element.  Finally, they will share advances made in Stakeholder Engagement through various communication channels.

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Throughput optimization for pipelines and gas plants
1 April 2021

Sponsor: Rockwell Automation

Many processes within oil and gas pipelines and processing plants depend on maintaining specific temperatures and pressures at which the process fluids are liquids or gases.  In addition, anytime water is a component in the process fluid hydrates can form and plug piping and vessels.  Learn how Sensia’s Throughput optimization solution allows operators, and control systems to “see inside” the process in real time to understand where the facility is operating with respect to critical physical constants, including the phase envelope and hydrate temperature.  This insight allows for more stable operation, reduced energy expenditure and associated emissions, and greater facility throughput. Case studies will include controlling methanol injection, managing heaters, virtual sensors for sulfur recovery units and more.

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Real-World Examples of Ultrasonic Measurement in a Production Environment
17 March 2021

Sponsor: SICK

Join us for this panel discussion with TJ McIntyre, SICK Upstream Account Director, and Irvin Schwartzenburg, SICK Applications Engineer - Flow Products. These two experts will discuss several scenarios where ultrasonic meters were used in real-world production applications with great success. Some measurement challenges that they will address through the case studies are turndown, uncertainty, reliability, and improving maintenance while reducing costs using smart diagnostics.

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2021 Global Pipeline Construction Outlook
11 February 2021

Pipeline & Gas Journal’s annual survey of pipeline construction activity provides a unique snapshot of project mileage in development or under construction on a global and regional basis, along with insights into key market drivers influencing midstream investment decisions in the new year.

In this webcast, Editor-in-Chief Michael Reed and Executive Editor Jeff Awalt will share key findings from P&GJ’s 2021 Global Pipeline Construction Report, discuss the outlook for midstream recovery in a post-pandemic era, and review some of the key infrastructure projects that are now underway on a region-by-region basis. 

In addition, attendees will have an opportunity to participate in this interactive webcast by submitting questions in real time during a live Q&A session with P&GJ editors.

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Leveraging world's most trusted Pipeline Management System as your Digital Transformational Platform
4 November 2020

Sponsor: AVEVA

AVEVA Enterprise SCADA (formerly called OASyS) is the global leader in Oil & Gas Pipeline Management systems. Discover how the biggest release in its history represents a step change in customer value for modernization. This release opens the door for new levels of business efficiency and pipeline safety by harnessing the power of Engineering and Asset Management portfolio.

Our unique approach to Digital Transformation will enable companies to significantly maximize safety and business performance from operations to maintenance through informed decision making, improved asset utilization, detection of abnormal operating conditions, and improved operator situational awareness.  

Join us to learn how Enterprise SCADA 2021 will enable companies to:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership across the lifecycle, especially pertaining to seamless upgradeability 
  • Leverage cloud-based analytics to improve pipeline performance and integrity with real-time insights
  • Integrate to broader AVEVA portfolio to improve asset performance and eliminate downtime
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Live Demo: Meeting AGA9 Measurement Requirements Using Single Source & Ultrasonic Meter Diagnostics
13 October 2020

Sponsor: SICK

AGA9 covers various requirements for metering packages, including critical elements like performance, calibration, and installation. Now you can easily meet AGA9 requirements with SICK’s complete portfolio of products, systems, and services. This not only includes best-in-class ultrasonic meters with advanced i-diagnostics™, but also turn-key metering package solutions. Join us in our upcoming webinar to see how you can gain measurement consultancy, design and engineering of metering package, procurement/supply chain of components, third party calibration of complete metering package, and project management from start-to-finish. 

In this webinar, you will get a look at traditional diagnostics and a glimpse into what SICK’s latest diagnostics can do for your measurement systems.  We will provide a sneak peek into the advantages, features, and benefits of SICK’s diagnostics via a live demo.

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Pipelines: Improve Energy Usage and More with the Right VFD
23 September 2020

Sponsor: Rockwell Automation

There are choices you can make to enhance the efficiency of your pipeline operations. Choosing the right variable-frequency drive (VFD) is one of those choices. In this webcast, we’ll go into more detail about ways to actualize savings and achieve better performance. 

Are you responsible for implementing cost saving ideas for your pump or compressor stations? The right VFD can lead to energy savings, time savings, and help maintain throughput – eliminating the costs associated with downtime. You might also want your VFD to have remote visibility. That’s smart. And, we’ll explain how picking the right VFD can help with the remote nature of oil and gas pipeline operations. 

Join Rick Paes, an oil and gas industry consultant at Rockwell Automation, as he discusses some opportunities for realizing savings in your oil and gas pipeline operations.


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