Current Issue: October 2022, Vol. 249, No. 10


Editor's Notebook

Editor’s Notebook: Line 5’s Legal Saga Continues

(P&GJ) — With Enbridge’s Line 5 recently prevailing when a judge ruled against the state of Michigan’s lawsuit to shut down the petroleum pipeline, which runs beneath the Straits of Mackinac, the pipeline operator now finds itself in the odd position of being backed by the invocation of an international treaty for the second time.


New Methane Fee Could Hit Pipelines Hard

(P&GJ) — Numerous interstate pipeline companies have facilities that emit enough methane – in some cases much more than enough – to get hit with the new methane fee contained in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) President Joe Biden signed in August.

Forthcoming Legislation Easing Regulatory Roadblocks for Pipelines?

(P&GJ) — For interstate pipelines, what was important about the Inflation Reduction Act was not just what was in the bill — the new methane fee — but what was not in the bill: the pipeline permitting reforms that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.) had initially insisted be part of the bill.


Pipeline Compressor Stations Reexamine Emissions, Efficiency

(P&GJ) — In the global climate change-driven future for the pipeline industry, there is a vision of net-zero emissions compressor stations to transition to clean energy.

US Northeast Faces Power Reliability Crisis Without More Gas Infrastructure

(P&GJ) — The energy crisis gripping Europe has highlighted the dangers of unreliable imports and a rushed transition to renewables. The U.S. Northeast could soon face similar reliability issues as well, New England’s grid operator and a group of industry associations warned federal regulators.

API Summarizes Enhanced Pipeline Leak Detection Standards

(P&GJ) — Leak prevention, mitigation and detection are critical to ensure pipelines operate safely and reliably to protect the public, workers, the environment and pipeline assets.


Enbridge Line 5 Pipeline Dispute Headed to Federal Court

Enbridge Line 5 Pipeline Dispute Headed to Federal Court, Cheniere to Form JV to Construct 43-Mile Gas Pipeline in Texas, TotalEnergies Moving Forward on Gas Pipeline in Argentina, Croatia to Build $182.3 Million Gas Pipeline, Doubling Capacity, France Favors Gas Terminals vs. $3 Billion in Pipeline Projects and more.

Tech Notes

Miros Wins Sensor Contracts for Subsea 7 Pipelay Support

Miros Wins Sensor Contracts for Subsea 7 Pipelay Support and Fiber-Optic Cable Used to Overcome Monitoring Challenges.