December 2013, Vol. 240 No. 12

What's New

December 2013 New Products

New products from Twisted Pair, Weiler, Rhino Markers, Andy J. Egan Company, Inline Services, Pentair, ClockSpring and more.

Twisted Pair Solutions
Communications software provider Twisted Pair offers a suite of push-to-talk (PTT) software applications for interoperability between most network and device types, including smartphones and tablets, two-way radios and desktop PCs. The WAVE Mobile Communicator application brings PTT capability to smartphones so they can operate as two-way radio handsets, sending and receiving secure audio to any other communication device. Accompanying applications bring PTT to desktop PCs and mobile computers. The product allows field workers, back-office staff and third-party vendors alike to connect in real-time, regardless of device type or geographic location. (206) 442-2101,

In pipeline construction, welder’s assistants know the value of periodically switching the mounting position in order to maintain the speed and effectiveness of weld cleaning brushes. Weiler has a line of stringer-bead wheels that will make this practice easier for every user. The Weiler DUALLY features a dual-hex nut that eliminates interference issues that might otherwise force users to remove the guards from their angle grinders, resulting in a safety hazard. The patent-pending design features a nut with a hex on each side of the wheel that is tall enough to ensure adequate clearance on the tool. (800) 835-9999,

Rhino Markers
The Rhino HideOut offers an alternative to above-ground test stations where an upright post is not practical or can be easily damaged. It is a flush-mounted test station for soft surfaces. With the industry standard 11-hole pattern and a locking lid, the product works for tracer wire or CP leads. It can be located if buried and can be mowed over or even parked on without damage. (800) 522-4343,

Andy J. Egan Co.
Mechanical contractor Andy J. Egan Co. has added hydrostatic testing for pressurized pipes, valves and tanks to its suite of services for the petroleum pipeline industry, including natural gas and related categories. The company’s mobile unit, with fully certified and operator qualified (OQ) crew, is capable of pressure testing up to 5,000 psi using deadweights, with chart recorders for temperature and pressure. Pneumatic testing is also available, and all testing services abide by Department of Transportation regulations. The company has long welded to ASME standards. (616) 791-9952,,

Inline Services
Inline Services is now providing a new concept in 22 hertz transmitters. The units are small, portable and disposable, and allow users to avoid the need to monitor rental unit status and whereabouts. The units are available in models for pipe diameters ranging from 3-30 inches and with run times up to 1,200 hours. (281) 401-8142,

Pentair’s Hoffman Zonex enclosures for hazardous locations protect terminations and electrical equipment where potentially explosive dust and gas are present in two materials: stainless steel and non-metallic. Certified to meet EU ATEX, U.S. AEx and international IECEx Zone 1 and Zone 2 standards for increased safety, both enclosures are suited for operation in temperatures from -58o to 212o F. The non-metallic enclosures are made from compression-molded fiberglass, with added agents to address static charge build-up and ensure long-term corrosion resistance. Molded-in-place mounting demotions and internal inserts for DIN rails and panels simplify installation.

Clock Spring
The Clock Spring spool feeder method works within limited clearance on remote access applications, large-diameter pipeline, and parallel distribution lines. This method also provides considerable benefits to the pipeline operator, including reduction of strain on the installer’s shoulders and back muscles for pipe diameters greater than 30 inches. Only a few inches of clearance is required in a standard “bell” hole ditch so very little excavation underneath the pipe is necessary.,

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions
GrayWolf has introduced remote cloud-based access and control of any of its WiFi enabled AdvancedSense, WolfPack or DirectSense meters. The company manufactures advanced, portable and semi-permanent monitoring instruments for measurements that include from 1 up to 30 simultaneously of: TVOCs, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, ozone, particulate, air velocity, differential pressure, relative humidity, temperature carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, chlorine and many other parameters. Data can be viewed on smartphones, iPads, Droids, PCs or other web-enabled devices. (203) 402-0477,,

Applied Consultants, Inc.
Applied Consultants, Inc. offers services to assist in all aspects of plant, pipeline, compressor, pump and metering facilities work, including design and management of projects of any size. The company’s areas of experience include AFE preparation, as-built services, bid development and solicitation, construction specification documents, inspection, permitting, right-of-way acquisition and welding procedure development. (903) 643-0956,

All-American Safety & Training
All-American Safety & Training offers industry-specific training for safety or operator qualification needs that includes live exercises and simulations. For an audit or program review the company says its personnel respond with urgency, helping to establish and maintain a quality system with the highest level of integrity. The team has been trained in behavior-based processes to eliminate and prevent accidents. (903) 643-7304,,

Cambium Networks
Cambium Networks, a global provider of wireless broadband solutions, has launched PTP 650, a sub-6 gigahertz addition to its PTP portfolio. The wireless broadband platform’s flexibility, high capacity, reliability and security are suited for wireless backhaul applications for oil and gas and service provider markets. This new platform offers throughput up to 450 Mbps, delivers 10 bps/hertz and operates in any frequency between 4.9-6.05 gigahertz. Patented technology increases its reliability through link optimization and a wealth of management services. It battles cybersecurity threats through data encryption and secure management features. The platform works in harsh environments and can transmit up to 120 miles over water and desert. @CambiumNetworks ,

A BGAN M2M terminal at a key point allows operators to receive constant data even from the remotest pipeline. The terminal is linked to all of a pipeline’s sensors in a geographic area via, for example, a local radio network. Operators may then automatically backhaul a constant feed of real-time data on pressure, flow rates and other metrics, granting full visibility and remote control of upstream operations. The global, two-way IP-based data service is designed to backhaul data from fixed assets – pipelines, drilling platforms or oil wellhead infrastructure. It is accessed via terminals designed for remote operation and long-term, unmanned deployment.

Temerity TechMedia LLC
Temerity TechMedia has launched two websites to assist those writing, checking or fulfilling specifications for corrosion resistance and coating standards., a mobile-optimized web platform, provides news, best practices and information for industry engaged in the fight against corrosion. is a members-only site to provide quick reference to standards across multiple organizations, industries and geographies in an easy-to-use format. The platform features technical articles by experts, white papers, coatings failure analyses, industry and product news, training and events and much more.,


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