December 2014, Vol. 241, No. 12

What's New

What's New December 2014

New products and services from Digi International, Taxography, Heath Consultants, ESAB, Vacuworx, Puradyn, Latham & Watkins, Fecon, Victaulic, Kepware, Quest Integrity Group and more.

Digi International
Digi International has announced that its TransPort family of M2M Routers now support Gobi 4G LTE connectivity. Currently, the routers use 3G and 4G LTE wireless technology to connect critical SCADA, metering and sensor systems. The new technology enables the routers to connect to any 2G, 3G, or 4G cellular network in North America so pipeline operators and system integrators who have assets spread across multiple carrier networks and geographies can standardize on a single cellular solution for all their North American operations.

Taxography’s Data Solutions provides accurate and secure property tax data information that oil and gas companies need to support tax payments, legal cases and streamline assigning jurisdictions for allocation or distribution of value. It employs parcel-level data and geographic information system data from assessor’s offices, certified rate sheets, contact information and due dates collected from taxing authorities. The software is updated multiple times a year to ensure the highest data quality for property tax compliance.

Heath Consultants
The EyeCGas is an infrared optical gas imaging camera that provides quick and precise visualization of escaped gases and VOC leaks in a ruggedized package to be used as a tool in the field. The camera allows the inspection of potentially hazardous areas with a simple user interface, visualizing the leakage indication on a large color LCD. Built-in DVR (Digital Video Recording) allows video and audio recording for up to six continuous hours. The camera can save time in the search for fugitive gas leaks and provide confidence that facilities are free of greenhouse gas emissions. It is certified for use in hazardous environments (Class 1, Div. 2 and ATEX II).

The new patent-pending Tough Seal from Vacuworx is a pad seal formulated to endure rugged job sites while maintaining its integrity in extreme temperatures. Built to perform at temperatures of up to 215º F and down to -40º F, the seal features a 360-degree seamless outer skin to repel destructive oils and moisture, especially in high-stress areas. The company says this improves the life of the pad seal and allows for 60% more lifts compared with other products based on end-user testing. The new one-piece molded compound improves tear strength, resists abrasions, and has improved memory retention under a variety of rigorous working conditions. It is compatible with all Vacuworx lifting systems. (918) 259-3054,,

Puradyn Filter Technologies
Two new oil bypass filtration products from Puradyn may help companies running large compressors or other engines 24/7. Bypass filtration keeps engine oil clean, enabling fewer oil changes and the ability to change the filter in a few minutes while the engine continues to run. The new Millennium Technology System (MTS) operates within a closed lubricating system, removing solid contaminants larger than one micron while extending the equipment oil’s useful life. The new technology eliminates legacy products’ electric evaporation plate, bringing the product into compliance with new emission standards. It can be used on all engine types and configurations using any fuel type, including natural gas and biofuels. The Polydry filter element has been specifically designed for use with the system, incorporating polymer-based technology formulated specifically to remove water contamination occurring naturally through condensation and the combustion process of engine oil and hydraulic systems.

Latham & Watkins
Latham & Watkins has launched a Master Limited Partnerships portal on its website, which serves as a library of foundational MLP documents, general information and firm publications on the topic. Information on mergers and acquisitions, lists of MLP IPOs and tax guidance documents, among other resources, are available free of charge.

Fecon, Inc.
Fecon has released the RTF230 Rubber Tire Mulching Tractor, a 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steer machine. It features a center mounted engine and hydraulic drive train to give it a very low center of gravity and even balance. A 230-hp engine and 75-gpm/6000 psi hi flow provides power for slopes and attachments. The machine is capable of 24-mph road speeds. A large cab with excellent visibility in all directions improves safety and accuracy. The tractors can be configured for many types of work, including land clearing, municipal maintenance and roadside clearing as well as construction applications. 800-528-3113,

Victaulic has introduced a threaded-end version of its popular Series 727 ball valve, a high-pressure, enhanced-port Class 600 NACE-compliant valve for upstream oil applications. The valve, designed for tank and equipment connections, simplifies installation and maintenance and offers excellent flow characteristics. The upstream side of the valve has a male-threaded end for ease of connection to threaded outlets, while the downstream side has a grooved end, simplifying the transition to grooved piping systems. The valve is also available in a groove-by-groove configuration.

Kepware’s KEPServerEX Local Historian Historian captures historical information in a configurable, flexible and open solution. It moves data collection, storage and access closer to the data source to prevent data loss and improve operational efficiency with open access and a single product solution. Data can be stored and accessed at the point of collection by multiple clients, with no additional cost per client connection. The technology has been tested with multiple third-party trending and reporting products to validate its OPC HDA implementation, including XLReporter from SyTech. (207) 775-1660,,

Quest Integrity Group
Quest Integrity Group now offers flow loop simulation capabilities, including client-specific pipeline configurations, to validate its InVista ultrasonic inline inspection (ILI) technology in demanding environments. The company can custom build flow loops for clients to include their real-world ILI challenges such as heavy wall piping, dual-diameters, reduced port valves, 1D bends, risers, unbarred tees and wyes. By simulating multiple ILI obstacles in a test environment, the company demonstrates the navigational proficiency of the tool, and pipeline operators gain first-hand knowledge of the tool’s capabilities for their pipelines.

ESAB has introduced the Aristo Mig 4004i Pulse power source, which with Aristo Feed 3004 or Aristo Feed 4804 wire feeder forms a complete MIG/MAG package. The power source is lightweight and multi-process welding capable, 25% more energy efficient than conventional welding equipment and can be used for MIG, pulsed MIG, MAG, MMA or TIG welding. The pulse function makes it suitable for advanced, spatter-free welding in aluminum and stainless steel.

Demilec has introduced two products to assist with oil and gas pipeline construction and containment. Geolok, a polyurethane spray foam, helps field workers create pipe pillows, trench breakers and rock shields during pipeline construction. It eliminates the common practice of sandbag laying which may pose various hazards to workers, and reduces the number of workers needed to two: one to operate the spray gun and another to manage the back of the rig. The foam sprays continuously without combustion and is designed to preserve the integrity of pipelines with a quick application process. MaxGuard SLAM 250, an elastomeric spray coating, is often used for secondary containment. It is a two-component, fast-set coating to create a durable lining that can be used to make in-ground or aboveground constructed ponds. Other uses include tank and pipe protection, concrete and metal rehabilitation projects and abrasion resistance. It has no VOC emissions and is impact resistant.

Control System Integrators Association (CSIA)
The Industrial Automation Exchange is CSIA’s new online search tool to assist businesses in finding control system integration companies to meet their automation needs. The online directory features qualified system integrators and suppliers. Membership in CSIA is not required to be listed on the exchange. The site offers detailed profiles outlining an integrator’s expertise, allows for potential clients to compare up to three companies in a particular industry at a time and permits searchers to ask questions of exchange members.,

The ESCO APS-438 Universal Air-Powered Saw features a self-centering track system, pre-sized for pipe from 6- to 60-inch diameter, to produce perfectly square cuts with no heat affect zone is available.
The saw features a fiberglass-reinforced blade for cutting super duplex stainless steel pipe, concrete lined pipe, ash pipe, and other heavy-wall hard alloy pipe up to 4-3/8-inch thick. It is available with a system of pre-sized stainless steel bands that clamp onto the pipe circumference. The tool mounts securely onto the bands using a trolley with four V-grooved stainless steel roll guides. Powered by a three HP pneumatic motor, the saw is fully supported to reduce operator fatigue. Applications include onsite pipe cutting, erection of piping systems, and pipe fabrication in shops. (800) 343-6926,

Koch Pipeline
Koch Pipeline Company has released a free mobile app directed at providing helpful pipeline safety information in a simple format for people who live or work near pipelines that the company operates. The application, available at the iTunes and Android app stores, uses three main themes, Recognize, React, and Report, to help users understand where they are located in relation to a pipeline, recognize possible pipeline issues or suspicious activity, react effectively and report the information. The app also includes a feature on how to dig safely near a pipeline, and live links to contact emergency services and the pipeline operator.

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