August 2015, Vol. 242, No. 8

What's New

Whats New: August 2015

What’s new from CDI, CSSI, Automation Products Inc., MBW, Rotork, Ubisense and others.


CCSI introduced the Automated Liquid Coating Ring. Engineered to be user-friendly and operated by the push of a button, it has the ability to reduce manpower up to 80%. The Automated Liquid Coating Ring not only has the ability to spray field joints up to 24 inches in width but also features an innovative paint and solvent reclaim system. This new technology offers a more consistent spray and eliminates the discharge of waste and overspray into the environment by redirecting the waste stream into a receptacle, allowing for easier and safer disposal.


CDI introduced eight fully explosion-proof ATEX- and IECEx-rated electromagnetic pig tracking transmitters. Available first in four C-Cell and four D-Cell sizes with transmission ranges up to 107 feet, the transmitters are the most powerful and longest life that CDI has manufactured. With full TRAXALL compatibility, these transmitters can transmit industry-standard 22Hz or one of CDI’s seven TRAXALL frequencies between 17-32Hz. TRAXALL frequencies can be color-coded for easy pig differentiation with CDI’s new TRAXALL 770 receiver.


MBW is offering a new Ergo-Tamp that reduces hand and arm vibration up to 70%, allowing for some variation as conditions of compaction change. The vibration absorption system easily handles the range of amplitudes typical of pneumatic tampers and is cooled by a constant flow of compressed air through its working mechanism. The overall look of MBW’s ERGO-TAMP is also much different; the unit is 74 inches long, which allows for more versatility. It is mostly made of aluminum, which has dropped the weight considerably (10.5 pounds less. It has an operating weight of 37.5 pounds, foot diameter of 6 inches, recommended pressure of 100 psi, air consumption minimum of 38 cfm and provides up to 800 blows per minute.

Automation Products Inc. Dynatrol® Division

The Red Goose v2 Pipeline Products Inline Sampling System from Automation Products’ Dynatrol® Division can be used on gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and other refined petroleum products. It was designed so removal is unnecessary during pipeline maintenance, and it uses a retractable scoop used for pigging or scraping operations.


The introduction of the Rotork IQT electric valve actuator brings the advanced functionality and asset management capabilities of Rotork’s third-generation intelligent technology to the direct-drive operation of part-turn valves. Local position indication, valve and actuator status, asset management and diagnostic operating information is available by download and can be seen directly at the actuator on the large LCD display. The display provides real-time status data, positional and warning icon information, actuator setup and operating menus, along with detailed diagnostic and operational data screens that are clearly displayed in dot matrix format.


Ubisense introduced my World Inspection & Survey, a flexible software platform that enables utilities’ operations teams to create, optimize and perform all required field inspections and surveys digitally. Its architecture enables deployment in weeks at any utility. Also, myWorld Inspection & Survey transforms workers’ ability to collect inspection data through capturing information on any mobile device, eliminating paper-based processes. It delivers advanced regulatory reporting and facilitates the optimal efficiency of company-wide inspection operations.

Inline Services

Inline Services’ pig retrieval pole is an easy-to-use tool. On the end of the pole is the galvanized retrieval hook used to grab the rope of the pig and pull it out of the pipeline. This tool can pull up to 1,500 lbs. The available pole lengths are 8 and 16 feet. It is constructed of a durable lightweight resin and comes in a heat/weather-resistant bag for easy transport and storage.


Vermeer introduced the D23x30 S3 Navigator® horizontal directional drill for utility installations up to 6 inches in diameter. With 24,000 lbs. (106.8 kN) of thrust and pullback and 3,000 ft.-lbs. (4,068 Nm) of rotational torque, D23x30 S3 is equipped to maximize machine and jobsite efficiency. The HDD offers a carriage speed of 206 feet per/min and a rotational speed of 219 rpm. It also offers a ground-tracking speed of up to 3.3 mph (5.3 km/h). For power, Vermeer selected a 100-hp (75 kW), liquid-cooled, turbocharged diesel Deutz TCD 3.6L4 Tier 3/Tier 4-compliant engine. Contractors have two 10-feet (3-m) Firestick® drill stem options to configure the drill for different types of work. For longer runs, a 2.06-inch (5.2-cm) diameter drill stem is available and provides improved flexibility in tight bore requirements.

Midwestern Pipe Line Products

Midwestern Pipe Line has introduced the M572C sideboom attachment for the John Deere 850K FT4. It is designed to work with an enclosed cab or open canopy, and creates a pipelayer that meets Final Tier 4 regulations. The attachment is designed to fit on the 850K WLT and LGP models with lift capacities up to 100,000 lbs. (45,359 kg). This new sideboom delivers greater visibility with a low-profile design and includes the latest technology for optimum performance, stability and safety.

Case Construction Equipment

CASE Construction Equipment introduced five new plate compactors to its attachments lineup – the SC-30, SC-60, SC-80, SC-110 and SC-220. The plate compactors are ideal for utility work and are primarily used to compact the foundation in shallower trenches and prevent movement/ground upheaval. These plates run on unidirectional hydraulics and are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 19-by-20 inches to 32-by-42 inches. For soil compaction, the SC series can compact up to 4 feet – more than five times the efficiency of handheld compactors. For slopes, the SC can compact materials on an incline. Each SC series plate compactor is also covered under a two-year limited warranty.

Magnetrol International

Magnetrol® International released the Eclipse® Model 706 guided wave radar (GWR) transmitter configured with Modbus protocol. The Eclipse Model 706 loop-powered, 24 VDC transmitters offers high-performance solutions for wellhead equipment including separators and oil tanks. Features include: Fast start-up and stabilization times to reduce energy consumption, accurate top level and interface measurement for precise tank capacity control to reduce production costs, powerful diagnostics and data storage for efficient remote monitoring, complete probe line to ensure reliable performance in every application, and compatible with industry standard RTUs.


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