November 2015, Vol. 242, No. 11

What's New

What's New: November 2015

What’s new from GPL Odorizers, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Doosan, Technical Toolboxes, Cortech Corporation, Hoover Container Solutions and others.


Two new Doosan crawler excavators are added to the Tier 4 compliant lineup, featuring improved performance, operator-focused comfort, fuel economy and jobsite durability. The 14-metric-ton DX140LC-5 and DX140LCR-5 Tier 4-compliant machines replace the interim Tier 4 “dash-3” models. The DX140LCR-5 model offers a shorter tail swing, allowing operators greater flexibility where space is a premium without sacrificing performance. Both comply with Tier 4 emission standards with modified diesel engines and after-treatment technologies. A new selectable feature, Smart Power Control (SPC), is available on both models and consists of two systems — Variable Speed Control and Pump Torque Control — that work together to improve machine efficiency while maintaining productivity and reducing fuel

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched the Thermo Scientific AutoLACT (lease automatic custody transfer) flow computer control system which is designed to facilitate the transfer of liquid hydrocarbon from storage tanks or trucks to refineries or centralized processing facilities while accurately recording data for each transaction. The system offers several features, including: touchscreen capabilities that allow transporters to comply with API 6.1 (Metering Assemblies Lease Automatic Custody Transfer – LACT System); technology to meet API 21.1 custody transfer requirements; an optional printer for immediate receipt printing needs; and additional security measures, including the ability to validate the identity of the driver and a grounding check to facilitate adherence to proper safety protocols.

GPL Odorizers

GPL Odorizers manufactures environmentally friendly odorant injection systems for low- and high-pressure natural gas pipelines. The odorizers are ventless, self-contained and do not discharge gas into the atmosphere. That improves safety, saves pipeline gas, reduces odor, which lowers leak-call complaints. GPL Odorizers LLC acquired the odorant injection product line of Sentry Equipment Corp (Zeck Systems) earlier in 2015. With the acquisition, distribution was assigned to Linc Energy Systems in Wheat Ridge, CO.

Hoover Container Solutions

The Liquitrac Tracer is a battery-powered GPS unit that can be easily attached to any of Hoover’s comprehensive product line offerings to track asset location – domestic or internationally, even in the most hazardous environments. The ATEX-certified unit is equipped to support calling-based movement, meaning immediate notification of movement of a GPS or GPS-equipped unit. The unit features prolonged battery life to ensure customers receive reliable coordinates to stay connected to their entire fleet 24/7.

Technical Toolboxes

The PETROLEUM skyBox is a suite of PowerTools from Technical Toolboxes allowing the user to model a simple pipeline or a complex network of pipelines and simulate the dynamic multiphase flow. The tools are designed to help: reduce internal corrosion; determine locations and types of internal corrosion; episodic upsets; wet gas and petroleum liquid lines; reduce erosion corrosion; determine locations of deposits; determine slugging and other flow regimes; and determine locations of plugging. These flow models allow operators to simulate from wellhead to process facility, startups to shutdowns and from steady state to transient flow.

Cortec Corporation

Cortec® Corporation introduces a new product in corrosion protection to reach these hidden areas – EcoFog® VpCI®-309 Nano. This patent-pending product is a Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting (VpCI®) powder designed to protect ferrous metals in hard-to-reach recessed areas, interior cavities, and voids. It is easy to apply with little or no surface preparation needed and provides superior protection to ferrous metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. This product does not contain silicates, phosphates, nitrites, or heavy metals and provides up to 24 months of continuous protection. It is available in 5-pound, 50- pound and 100-pound lined drums. This product should be stored in a sealed container in a dry warehouse avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, with temperature not exceeding 150°F. Shelf life is up to 24 months.


The release of the TracStar® 1200 brings the largest pipe fusion capability to date in McElroy’s popular line of self-propelled, track-mounted fusion machines. The TracStar 1200 has many of the same benefits that make its smaller models work so efficiently on jobsites, but there are some major upgrades. It features an advanced emission control engine that burns ultra-low-sulfur diesel to meet the EPA’s latest Tier 4 standards. The cowling has been redesigned so technicians have better and quicker access to the engine for maintenance. The TracStar 1200 butt fuses pipe from 16-inch OD to 48-inch OD (450mm to 1,200mm) and can traverse most any terrain – mud, loose soil, snow and grades up to 30%. It is self-contained with an on-board generator for powering the hydraulic pivoting heater and facer.

LaValley Industries

LaValley Industries’ new TONGHAND® exit-side wrench attachment provides horizontal directional drillers with a way to torque up and break pipe joints, reamers, and subs. The TONGHAND hydraulic attachment’s patented rotation arms, gullwing design and integral TongVise™ are controlled by a single operator inside any 30-ton excavator. The TONGHAND works with pipe tool joints ranging in size from 6.5-10 inches. The rotation arms allow the operator to thread and unthread drill pipe connections. The 120,000 ft.-lb. torque capability on its patented vise, and the precision pipe control design, allow workers to remain safely away from drilling components while breaking joints, loading and unloading drill string components, and positioning drill rod throughout the job site.

Polyflow LLC

Polyflow has introduced Thermoflex® PE, a lightweight, easy-to-install polyethylene pipe for cold weather climates. Production of Thermoflex PE is underway and will initially be available in 4-inch (750 psi max) and 4.5-inch (500 psi max) sizes. With Thermoflex PE, operators in cold environments can benefit from its resistance to corrosion and cyclical loading. This allows oil and gas exploration and production companies in the Bakken and other northern regions to get wells flowing faster for increased profitability while enhancing safety, reliability and longevity.

Smith Flow Control Ltd.

The new Bajolock® coupling from Smith Flow Control protects against accidents when opening couplings under pressure. The device is ideal for a wide range of applications including oil and gas, petrochemical and pipelines. When opened, Bajolock couplings automatically catch any dangerous residual pressure and discharge it safely away from the worker. When no potentially harmful pressure exists, the couplings can be operated normally with a simple twist. The Bajolock coupling is designed for use in transfer systems for pressures up to 145 psi. It is manufactured according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive and CE approved. Bajolock is constructed from high-quality 316L stainless steel for high corrosion resistance.

High Pressure Equipment

High Pressure Equipment (HiP) introduces a Trunion style block and bleed ball valve for calibration applications to 15,000 psi. This new ball valve is designed to provide double positive isolation and is an excellent method to block and bleed high pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems used for pressure monitoring and test, chemical injection and drain line isolation. This full port, quarter turn double ball valve features 316 stainless steel construction, They are available in .203-, .250-, .313- and .375-inch orifices and will accommodate 3/8-, 9/16-, ¾-, ¼- NPT, 3/8-inch NPT and ½-inch NPT tube sizes. The vent port is ¼- inch FNPT.


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