May 2016, Vol. 243, No. 5

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Solomon Forecasts Gas Demand for Oil Sands to 2025

Solomon Natural Gas Services (Solomon) recently released its Gas Demand for Alberta Oil Sands to 2025 report,[1] which represents the first major revision by Solomon in 10 years; driven primarily by the slide in oil and bitumen prices since late 2014.

The report analyzes more than 150 producing, under construction, and proposed oil sands developments. It addresses pipeline and rail export transportation capacity as well as how Solomon’s production forecast fits within the proposed greenhouse gas emissions cap. The report concludes with a forecast of natural gas demand by major oil sands project for the next 10 years.

Figure 1. Alberta Oil Sands Natural Gas Demand

Figure 1 presents a forecast of gas demand growth for both mining and in situ oil sands projects together with gas demand for upgrading raw bitumen to Synthetic Crude Oil in Alberta. [2]

“Natural gas demand for the oil sands sector will account for 16% of total Canadian natural gas demand and just over 2% of the total North American demand in 2025,” said Glen Hensbergen, Lead Gas Analyst at Solomon and co-author of the report.

[1] Co-authored by Simon Mauger, Director, Gas Supply & Economics and Glen Hensbergen, Lead Gas Analyst.

[2] © 2016 HSB Solomon Associates Canada Ltd. (Solomon) – Reprinting this chart is permitted with proper credit and citation given to Solomon.

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