Gassco, Gascade to Establish New Hydrogen Pipeline Route Between Norway and Germany

(P&GJ) — GASCADE Gastransport GmbH (GASCADE) and Gassco AS (Gassco) have inked a memorandum of understanding to establish a hydrogen transport route between Germany and Norway.

The agreement, sealed at the "Hannover Messe," aims to facilitate hydrogen transportation via pipeline in the North Sea. This collaboration, embedded within the strategic partnership of the Norwegian and German governments in climate, renewable energy, and green industry sectors, sets the stage for a coordinated effort in hydrogen infrastructure development.

Gassco will lead the development of transport infrastructure to export hydrogen from Norway to Germany, while GASCADE focuses on AquaDuctus, an offshore hydrogen pipeline project in the German North Sea. AquaDuctus aims to interconnect adjacent offshore pipelines and link to onshore infrastructure in Germany, enabling efficient hydrogen imports into the country.

"AquaDuctus will provide a new hydrogen transport infrastructure for the German part of the North Sea, facilitating imports into Germany," stated Christoph von dem Bussche, Managing Director of GASCADE. "Our collaboration with Gassco underscores the necessity of an open-access hydrogen infrastructure in the German North Sea, aligning interfaces and leveraging synergies between projects."

AquaDuctus, comprising an offshore pipeline traversing the German North Sea to Wilhelmshaven and an onshore extension to Bunde near the German-Dutch border, will connect to the downstream hydrogen network. The project aims to facilitate the transportation of green hydrogen, including from offshore wind, while bolstering the European hydrogen market.

"AquaDuctus will become the German import route for offshore hydrogen via the North Sea corridor," added Christoph von dem Bussche, emphasizing the project's contribution to the hydrogen market ramp-up.

Acknowledging AquaDuctus's significance, the European Commission has granted it European IPCEI and PCI status, enabling access to state funding. Pending formal confirmation from national authorities, GASCADE anticipates commencing early works on AquaDuctus, a vital component of the draft German hydrogen core network.

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