June 2015, Vol. 242, No. 6

What's New

What's New June 2015

New products and services from Case Construction, Inline Services, TT Technologies, QPS Engineering and more.

Case Construction Equipment

CASE Construction Equipment offers a 12,000-watt generator and 3-in-1 compressor/generator/welder through its online Partstore and its dealer network. The CASE 12,000-watt generator delivers a continuous 9,500 watts with up to 40 amps of output. The CASE 3-in-1 combines three important tools into one convenient package. The air compressor has a unique belt-guard-mounted aftercooler, automatic tank drain and centrifugal head unloading feature that extends the life of the pump. The generator offers a peak of 5,500 watts, with two 110-volt outlets and one 220-volt outlet – enough to power most jobsite tools. http://partstore.casece.com/

Uniflex 2C pig

Inline Services

Inline offers a Uniflex 2C pig manufactured from high-performance polyurethane. This pig features a cup on the nose and rear of the pig along with multiple discs throughout the body. The cups and discs help permit a smooth transition with a full wall seal through tees and full port valves. When inserted into a pipeline this pig has superior sealing and support to prevent any materials or fluids from passing through. The Uniflex 2C is engineered to last through long wear and tear and it is applicable for liquid removal, wax control, batching and general cleaning purposes. www.inlineservices.com

TT Technologies

TT Technologies offers a wide range of plastic pipe splitting heads developed by working directly with gas utilities to create optimum splitting head configurations. The designs are capable of splitting and replacing plastic gas service and main lines from ½ to 4 inches in diameter. The hardened heat-treated steel cutting blades are available in various designs and sizes to best match the type of plastic host pipe as well as soil conditions. For service line splitting, the splitting heads are paired with a Mini Grundotugger winch or pulled with a backhoe. For main line splitting, a larger Grundowinch cable pulling system is used. www.tttechnologies.com

QPS Engineering LLC

QPS Engineering, LLC, (QPSE) provides project management, engineering, integrity services, procurement, field services, environmental services, survey and construction services (working with other Quanta construction companies) for pipeline, associated oil and gas production and processing facilities. The EPC advantage for clients is how the company manages the interfaces between various components of the project and provides contractual responsibility by a single financially strong organization. www:qpsepc.com

FXT60 truck vacuum excavator

Ditch Witch®

The Ditch Witch® organization introduces the FXT60 truck vacuum excavator, a versatile machine with the power to perform a wide variety of cleanup tasks, especially larger jobs in difficult-to-access locations. With 1,027 cfm (29.1 m3/min) of suction power and a high-pressure water system with a 5.5-gpm (21-l/min), 3,000-psi (207-bar) water pump, the FXT60 has more than enough power and suction for large cleanup jobs. The FXT60 is available on a Class 6 or 7 single-axle or Class 8 tandem-axle truck.

Fecon®, Inc. Depth Control Rotor system

Fecon Inc.

Fecon®, Inc. Depth Control Rotor system (DCR) is available on all six excavator Bull Hog models. This brings a new level of performance and value to mulching, controlling the depth of bite and efficiently directing material flow so that energy is reserved for production. Depth control rings of the DCR system work in harmony with the Samurai Knife to enable more cutting with less hp. The shape of the Samurai knife edge efficiently slices as it chips, providing greater forgiveness on rock than straight-edged tools or saw teeth. Depth control rings lend further impact protection to the tool body, and reduce shock loading to the mechanical or hydraulic drive line. www.fecon.com

Weld Revolution

Weld Revolution® recently launched its new rotating arc welding system. The MA-400TM air-cooled, machine torch system includes a 400-amp, 100% duty cycle SpinArcTM welding torch, control box and control cables. The welding torch connects directly to all existing wire feeders and power sources for a quick upgrade. The patented torch rotates the welding wire in a conical shape. The system employs solid, metal core or flux core welding wires ranging from 0.035 to 1/16-inch (0.90-1.60 mm) in diameter. Any existing welding machine can be used, including simple CV power sources or advanced power sources using pulsed waveforms. www.weldrevolution.com.

PipeLine Machinery International (PLM)

PipeLine Machinery International (PLM) has released a new custom equipment solution to the pipeline industry, the PANTHER T12 by off-road vehicle specialist PRINOTH. A low-ground pressure carrier crawler, the machine operates in off-road and various weather conditions. It has a capacity of 25,000 pounds and a ground pressure of 5.95 psi fully loaded, making difficult types of terrain accessible. Together with a strong pull ratio, these features allow this carrier to access the pipeline jobsite without damage to the environment. A dynamic track tension offers proper tension while working. Large wheels allow for more contact with the track, more stability and longer track life and prevent the undercarriage from freezing in harsh winter temperatures www.plmcat.com.

T.D. Williamson

TDW uses its SmartPlug tool to isolate pressure in specific sections of pipelines and risers so that repairs or interventions can be carried out safely. Operated by remote control, the tool is certified to “Safety Class High” in accordance with OS-F101 for submarine pipeline systems. It is certified and type-approved to execute independent double-block isolation to provide a safe environment for divers while working near a pressurized gas pipeline. The company’s remote-controlled SmartTrack tracking and monitoring system uses two-way, through-wall electromagnetic communication between a transponder and a receiver to track the tool’s progress, control its speed, and monitor conditions in real-time. www.tdwilliamson.com.

Free iPhone App For Pipeliners

Surya Gade, a chief pipeline engineer at Gulf Interstate Engineering, has developed an iPhone app to serve the pipeline industry. Using this app, Gade says you can calculate wall thickness, design pressure, D/t ratio and weight of the pipe in both U.S. and SI units. Once the calculation is performed, it can be shared via email. Moreover, the iPhone app enhances productivity by letting pipeliners perform a few quick calculations in meetings in the field or any other setting. Standard pipe ODs and API 5L and ASTM grades are incorporated into the app which is available free in the Apple App Store. Email: pipelinestandard@gmail.com


The McElroy Acrobat 160 is a low-force fusion machine for 63-160mm polypropylene pipe. The lightweight device has a small footprint to deliver easy access in tight work spaces. The carriage can be reconfigured from four to three jaws without using tools. The jaws are narrow so that fusions can be made on most flanged pipe and branch outlet fittings. The machine is compatible with the company’s recording and documentation equipment. www.mcelroy.com.

Heath Consultants

The EyeCGas is an infrared optical gas imaging camera that provides quick and precise visualization of escaped gases and VOC leaks in a ruggedized package to be used as a tool in the field. The camera allows the inspection of potentially hazardous areas with a simple user interface, visualizing the leakage indication on a large color LCD. Built-in DVR (Digital Video Recording) allows video and audio recording for up to six continuous hours. The camera can save time in the search for fugitive gas leaks and provide confidence that facilities are free of greenhouse gas emissions. It is certified for use in hazardous environments (Class 1, Div. 2 and ATEX II). www.heathus.com.

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment has developed a new system for replacing ½-inch to 4-inch natural gas distribution pipe. Used in conjunction with cable winches, the patented tool string components include expanders, connectors, and splitting tools with replaceable hardened-steel blades. The system increases production rates for replacing existing runs of PVC, HDPE, MDPE and Aldyl-A pipe with new MDPE or HDPE pipe. The process allows contractors to replace worn tooling and choose from a selection of cable size and winch options. The integrated swivel design eliminates torque on replacement pipe as it is installed during pullback. www.hammerheadtrenchless.com.


The new patent-pending Tough Seal from Vacuworx is a pad seal formulated to endure rugged job sites while maintaining its integrity in extreme temperatures. Built to perform at temperatures of up to 215º F and down to -40º F, the seal features a 360-degree seamless outer skin to repel destructive oils and moisture, especially in high-stress areas. The company says this improves the life of the pad seal and allows for 60% more lifts compared with other products based on end-user testing. The new one-piece molded compound improves tear strength, resists abrasions and has improved memory retention under a variety of rigorous working conditions. It is compatible with all Vacuworx lifting systems. parts@vacuworx.com, www.Vacuworx.com.

John Deere

John Deere has upgraded its 250G LC, 350G LC and 380G LC excavators with a Final Tier 4 engine. Diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning still occurs automatically with no impact to machine operation. The DPF can go up to 15,000 hours before ash removal. The new models feature a larger hood for improved engine access, a nine-pin diagnostic connector moved into the cab to reduce diagnostic testing time, and a single side ground-level fluid filter service which moves the engine oil, fuel, and hydraulic pilot oil filters to ground level on the right side of the machine and adds a service door for easy access to change filters. www.JohnDeere.com.

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