Pipeline Integrity Specialist PipeSense Opens Advanced Testing Facilities

(P&GJ) — PipeSense, a leading provider of advanced continuous pipeline monitoring technology, has unveiled its latest investment with the opening of two cutting-edge testing facilities in Houston, Texas, and Clearbrook, Minnesota.

PipeSense’s custom built, full-scale pipeline for testing and demonstration.

The new facilities mark a significant step forward in PipeSense's commitment to innovation and excellence in leak detection services. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, these facilities will serve as hubs for research, development, and practical testing of pipeline monitoring solutions.

In Houston, the facility boasts a 4-inch Continuous Test Loop, offering diverse demonstration options, including the ability for clients to select and activate leak points. Meanwhile, the Clearbrook facility features a custom-built, 24-inch Pipeline Test Rig designed to test and demonstrate PipeSense's real-time pig-tracking technologies.

Stuart Mitchell, president and CTO of PipeSense, underscored the importance of these facilities in advancing their solutions, stating: “The opening of our world-class testing facilities will allow us to continue investing in the technologies that underpin our advanced pipeline leak monitoring solutions. This includes both hardware and software advancements, ensuring we remain at the forefront of technological innovation and AI integration. We eagerly anticipate welcoming clients to our facilities for live demonstrations to showcase our capabilities.”

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